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The Beastly Birds deck can be used as a standard pack - they are marked with all four suits and include some really scary jokers!

Penguins and Puffins...
If you came looking for cutesy cuddly creatures or heartwarming stories forget it! This is penguins and puffins of the dark side. These beastly birds might attack without warning! Very scary and utterly deadly they lurk in the shadowy recesses waiting their chance! Your only chance to control them is to overcome your rivals.

56 Cards: standard poker size (63 x 88mm) and are made using high quality 300gsm zanta games board. The cards also have a certified Toy Safe coating.

You can use the Beastly birds deck to play many fun games such as SNAP (game rules included).

This special Beastly Birds card deck
is perfectly designed for the dastardly game of:  
Full game rules are included.

The aim of the game is to empty your "prison" of jailbirds by transfering all your offending perpetrator penguins and puffins to another player's jail! The player with the fewest perps wins!

The aim of the game is to empty your "prison" of jailbirds by transfering all your offending perpetrator penguins and puffins to another player's jail! The player with the fewest perps wins!


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